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What's Your State's Happy Factor?


In an effort to begin targeting those states where the most significant barriers exist to progressive values, the Progressive Choice team has identified six key issues: Pre-K education funding; equal access to secondary education; marriage equality; minimum wage; access to quality, affordable healthcare; and women’s reproductive rights on which to evaluate and score each state.

The states with the highest scores are of course, the happiest! And so we have set out to determine the “Happy Factor” of all 50 states.

The issues we target are not exhaustive, nor are these priorities meant to provide a fully comprehensive look at what makes any state a good, fair and happy place to live – but we think it’s a good place to start.

Help with the Happy!

We call on progressive individuals and organizations across the country – particularly those in the “happiest” states – to join us in our efforts to bring full equality – in healthcare, education, marriage and more – to people in every city and every community, regardless of what state they live in.

Check back soon to give us feedback on your happy factor!

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