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Progressive Choice calls on 2016 Presidential hopefuls to address Equal Pay for Women with Substantive and Meaningful Platforms on the Issue

In honor of National Equal Pay Day, Progressive Choice calls on leaders across the country to agree that equal pay is not just a women’s issue. It is a critical economic issue for families across this country.

And yet, women who work full-time, year-round still earn only 78 cents on the dollar compared with men. * In a 2015 ranking of the best and worst states for women’s employment and earnings, D.C and Maryland top the list, while West Virginia, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas are at the bottom. **

Too many leaders have come down on the wrong side of this debate.

Florida’s Marco Rubio, who now wants to lead the country, once called the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Law “Nothing but a giveaway to trial lawyers.” In Texas, former Governor Rick Perry said the debate in the 2014 Texas Governor’s race over equal pay for women “nonsense,” and said that the focus should instead be on “substantive issues.” In Wisconsin, Scott Walker called the 2009 Equal Pay Enforcement Act a “bogus issue” and signed a bill to repeal the law. As Governor, Chris Christie vetoed equal pay legislation and Rand Paul said Kentucky’s paycheck fairness act was harmful.

It’s time we turn up the volume on eradicating wage discrimination. To kick off our work on this issue, Progressive Choice will welcome former Texas Gubernatorial candidate and leader on women’s issues, Wendy Davis, to discuss  issues ranging from healthcare to economic empowerment and opportunity. 


Wendy Davis Reception and Remarks

Monday, April 27th

5:30pm-6:30pm Reception

6:30pm – 7:30pm Remarks and Q&A

The Challenger Learning Center

200 S Duval St, Tallahassee






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